Centre County Emergency Responder Scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarships applicants must meet the following criteria:
1. Reside in Centre County
2. Volunteer for a recognized Centre County-based, volunteer emergency responder company, i.e. Fire Company, Fire Police, EMS, etc., for at least three months before the next academic year begins.
3. A new emergency responder volunteer shall be defined as anyone 17 or older who has not served as a volunteer or paid member of a volunteer emergency responder company in Centre County for the prior two calendar years. Volunteers who served as junior volunteers or under 18 volunteers will be eligible if they become an active adult volunteer. New County residents who had served as a volunteer in a different County would be considered a new emergency responder volunteer.
4. Scholarship recipients are expected to remain on active duty through the end of the academic year of the scholarship.
5. Due to the special circumstances of EMS services, anyone who is a new applicant to an EMS Company, whether for a paid, non-management position or any volunteer position, will be considered as a volunteer.
6. Applicants must be accepted into a post-secondary program at either Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) or South Hills School of Business and Technology.

The selection committee may also use the following information when considering candidates for scholarships:
1. Priority may be given to new volunteers
2. Financial hardship may be considered
3. Grade point average from last year of school finished may be considered

Supplemental Questions
  1. Township/Borough
  2. Education
    • Are you currently enrolled in high-school or are you a post-secondary student?
    • How many months of high-school or post-secondary education have you completed?
  3. Have you been accepted into a post-secondary program at either of these institutions?
  4. Please provide your GPA for your last (or latest) year of school.
  5. Which first-responder company are you a current volunteer (or have applied to volunteer)? i.e. Fire Company, Fire Police, EMS
  6. Which position are you volunteering for?
  7. Are you a current volunteer or will you be a new volunteer?
  8. If you are a current volunteer, how many months have you been volunteering?
  9. Please compose a short essay (100 words or fewer) to demonstrate your financial need and how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals.
  10. Please compose a short essay (100 words or fewer) about your interest in volunteering as a first responder.
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