Alex Federman Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund honors Alex’s memory and dedication to Onward State. The scholarship will be awarded to the Onward State staff member who best exemplifies the attributes we all loved in Alex – his kind and loving nature, his selflessness, his passion, and his enthusiasm.

The mission of the Alex Federman Memorial Scholarship Fund is to honor Alex’s memory, his spirit, and his dedication to Onward State by awarding a scholarship each year to the student or students who best exemplify the attributes that made Alex such a valued, valuable, and beloved member of Onward State.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you confirm that you are a member of Onward State?
  2. Please list the dates (month/year) of your Onward State participation.
  3. What is your current position with Onward State? Please include a listing of past positions.
  4. Alex was passionate about film. What is your passion, and how will the scholarship award help you pursue it?
  5. Alex wasn't a vocal leader, but set an example for staff members with his actions. How do you define leadership, and how have you exhibited it, in the context of your work at Onward State?
  6. Alex was always willing to take on thankless or background roles at Onward State to ensure that the site ran smoothly and often that was not part of his job description. Describe a time, or times, when you have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Onward State.
  7. Alex was a loyal friend to all, and made Onward State a better, friendlier place. What does Onward State and the Onward State community mean to you? How have you helped to shape and influence it, and how has it affected you?
  8. What, if anything else, should the Committee know when determining your worthiness for this scholarship?
  9. Please submit your resume
  10. Obtain a Letter of Recommendation from current or former Onward State staff member
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